Use and Maintenance Of a Balcony

If you own an apartment with a balcony you know how lucky you are.  Its like having an open-air room where you can entertain friends and family.

Whilst it’s a great asset there are some rules that come along with it regarding its use and upkeep.  Following are some of the things you are able to do and not do with entertaining and the maintenance of your balcony.


If you can’t see your laundry from below, you are able to hang out your washing.  Use a portable airer as hanging washing off the balustrade is prohibited due to it being visually unattractive but can also pose the risk of either damaging the property or something falling off to the ground below.  Always check the Body Corporate rules first.


Check with the Body Corporate that a gas BBQ is allowed.  If there are restrictions, enquire if there is an alternative BBQ area on the common property.


Providing you adhere to the noise and behaviour rules that belong to the building you may entertain at your discretion.


The upkeep and use of a balcony is the responsibility of both the Lot owner and the Body Corporate.  Responsibility depends on the circumstances.  Things like loose handrails, stains on the tiles, water drainage, windows and doors leading to the balcony is your responsibility as a Lot owner to repair and maintain.  It is up to you to monitor and report to the Body Corporate any maintenance issues.  Open and clear communication is the key to enable a balcony to remain safe and well maintained.