Rules for Parking

Q:         Is it possible to erect a sign to stop visitors using a car space overnight?

A:         As long as the sign is visible and clear it may work.  In the Qld By-Laws it does mention that Visitors are NOT to use carparks overnight and it may be better practice to seek Body Corporate approval prior to the erection and placement of signage prior to commencement.

Q:         How do I report a resident who is using one of the visitor car parks for their own use every day?

A:         Firstly, a full-time resident should not be using a visitor car park, as it says, it is for visitors.  Secondly, has the Body Corporate put a By-law in place for this kind of situation?  If so, advise the Body Corporate as the Committee must then enforce it.  If they don’t, a simple letter to the Body Corporate Committee advising of the breach or submit a form (which is under the Act) and the Committee again must act on it.

Q:         As a lot owner, but not a resident, I have been asked by the Committee to stop using the visitor carpark.  Why is that?

A:         If you are visiting to inspect the apartment or attend a Committee meeting, this is what visitor car parking is for.  If you are staying in the apartment, then the visitor car parking should not be used.