Services provided

Australasian Body Corporate Management delivers a full suite of services to clients backed by over 30 years of experience in the industry.

These include:


We can simplify the running of your Body Corporate by planning, convening and attending your Annual General Meeting in a secretarial role. As part of this process, we distribute notices and all ancillary nominations to relevant members and call for executive and ordinary nominations. During the meeting itself, we record minutes for later distribution and action items as needed.

Outside of meetings, our management of routine correspondence and record keeping can ensure that lines of communication are well maintained and all generated information is properly organised and updated. In instances where your Body Corporate is required to deal with external parties like contractors or servicemen, we can serve as the middleman, facilitating the smooth delivery of service.


Our financial experience and expertise allow us to easily open, maintain and operate the bank account for your Body Corporate’s administrative fund and sinking fund. Following discussions on your long term goals, we are also able to maintain an investment account and develop draft budgets for you with these in mind.

We upload reconciled financial statements daily for your regular review and prepare a statement of account at the end of the financial year for your records. These allow for greater transparency which can assist in maintaining trust among membership. In instances where payments are missed and levy contributions are overdue, our team issues communication to lot owners as needed. As regular contributions become due, we handle the issuance of notices for these as well.

Legislative Services

Navigating the legislative aspects of a Body Corporate may not always be intuitive so our team offers expert advice to ensure compliance and to assist in the education of your residents as needed. Through our involvement in the initial stages of your by-laws’ creation, we can ensure that common pitfalls are avoided. This allows for more efficient management, a fuller understanding of all statutory obligations and reduces or eliminates the need for frequent revisions.

We specifically advise on regulations including but not limited to the following:

  • Small Schemes Module Regulation 2008
  • Standard Schemes Module Regulation 2008
  • Commercial Schemes Module Regulation 2008
  • Accommodation Schemes Module Regulation 2008
  • Building Units Group Titles Act 1980
  • Body Corporate Community Management Act 1997

Our tailored management services come with a guarantee of lower Body Corporate fees and same day responses. Feel free to contact us for a confidential discussion with no obligations and find out how we can enhance the running of your Body Corporate.

Facility Services

We recognise the role that facilities play in sustaining functional communities. As such, our team assists in the sourcing of operational or facility management services that are crucial to the successful running of a multi unit residential property. These include but are not limited to internet services, landscaping/gardening, cleaning, ongoing maintenance of mechanical equipment and upkeep of various shared facilities.

By conducting a thorough review of existing contracts and assessing the needs of residents, we can find any gaps in service that an alternative provider might more capably fill. In such cases we may assist your Body Corporate in obtaining new quotations that offer a better mix of value and price so costs are kept to a minimum while residents’ quality of life stays constant or improves.