When land is subdivided to establish a community title scheme (under Land Title Act 1994), a body corporate is created.

All owners become members of it automatically once they’ve purchased a property within the scheme. But why is this legislation necessary?

The existence of a Body Corporate serves as a means of providing members with services that they may all benefit from communally but be unable to access efficiently as individuals, if at all. These include the maintenance and control of common property, the establishment and enforcement of by-laws, management of Body Corporate assets and much more.

Download and read the PDFs below to delve deeper into current Body Corporate Legislation.

Accommodation Module Regulations


Authorising Spending

Body Corporate: A Quick Guide to Community Living in Queensland

Body Corporate Elections

Body Corporate Manager

Body Corporate Records


Caretaking Service Contractor

Commercial Module Regulations


Enforcement of Adjudicators Orders and Penalties

Financial Management

Forming a Body Corporate Committee

General Meetings


Lot Entitlements 2013 Amendments

Lot Entitlements - The Basics



Small Schemes Module Regulations

Standard Module Regulations

Submitting Motions for a Body Corporate Meeting

The Body Corporate - an Introduction

The Role of the Committee