Keeping Of Animal

How to obtain Body Corporate Consent for keeping of Animal?

Before you decide to take ownership of your animal you must research what is the acceptable process to obtain Body Corporate consent.

You’ll need to consider:

    1. Is your property a suitable size to house your animal?
    2. Is the breed of animal suitable for the Body Corporate complex?
    3. You will need to take the time to train the animal so it won’t be a nuisance to others in the Body Corporate complex
    4. Organise how the animals waste will be handled
    5. Will the animal need to be walked daily or would it be happy in an outdoor area?

Once you have given this a lot of thought and are still wanting to move forward in adopting an animal, you will need to then follow the process and have the Body Corporate provide consent.  

  • Firstly you will need to obtain a pet application form from the Body Corporate Management company, complete it and submit it to the Body Corporate Managers with all supporting documentation.  
  • The form is then submitted as a motion to the Committee to vote on.  Usually, you will be advised within a couple of weeks.  
  • The Committee will put strict conditions on the application and these will need to be adhered to so it is important to decide whether you can comply with the conditions. 

Please click on the following web link to access the required form