Commonly Asked Questions Regarding ‘Holding Positions On The Executive And Ordinary Committees’

Q:         Does a member of the Committee have to resign when they have listed their Lot for sale?

A:         No.  Having the Lot listed is not the same as selling it.  Once the Lot is sold they become eligible so no need for them to ‘resign’.  Of course, unless they then become someone’s Representative, then they can still be a part of the Committee.


Q:         Can someone who is non-compliant with the By-laws nominate to be a Committee member?

A:         The only time they can be rejected from nomination is when they are un-financial.


Q:         Can one person hold all three positions on an Executive Committee?

A:         Yes.  One person can hold all three positions.  If they have majority of votes for all positions, then all three are theirs.