Owners wishing to submit a motion for inclusion of the agenda should do so by submitting such motion and any supporting documents.

If you have more than one motion to submit, you may complete this form multiple times.

Motions you put forward should follow the CLEAR guidelines:

1) Concise — Are you clearly and concisely proposing what should happen so the committee can implement the proposal without the need for any further decisions?
2) Legal — Does this type of proposal have to meet any special legal requirements under the body corporate legislation or any other legislation (for example, building regulations)?
3)Economic — Does the motion approve the necessary funds? Are the funds available in the budget or will a special levy be required? Instead of submitting just one motion, should two quotations and two alternative motions be submitted?
4) Action-based — Is there a clear action to be taken? Is a time frame specified?
5) Realistic — Is the proposed action achievable? Is it something that other owners are likely to support?

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