The team at Australasian Body Corporate Management have a proven track record in Body Corporate Management, a reputation for integrity and experience within the industry.

Australasian Body Corporate Management strives for client satisfaction. We are a service-based organisation with our success dependent upon the quality of service we deliver.

Our office hours are 9.00 am to 4.30 pm Monday to Friday, owners are welcome to contact us by phone on 07 3357 6667 during these hours. Should owners have specific questions relating to their property or the Body Corporate we encourage owners to contact our office and speak with a member of staff.

To fast track an owners’ enquiry, an email can be directed to one of the following business departments directly, rather than making your Body Corporate Manager the first point of call. We remain committed to improving response times and provide owners with the following alternate contact method.

General enquiries 

Levy payment or creditor enquiry

Insurance enquiry

Property maintenance

Australasian Body Corporate Management is a highly competitive management organisation offering a personalised management service to best fit our client’s expectations. The process in undertaking a personalised management service is extremely important as not all Body Corporates are the same.

We take into account all possible services when placing an administration package together to ensure the Body
Corporate achieves the best possible outcome, focusing on service levels and management fees.

To ensure our clients receive superior service, we designed a unique business model from the ground up to ensure we are ahead of the game. Delivering same day service is one of the many unique services we provide.

We identify that not all Body Corporates are the same, drawing on our experiences and strengths to ensure superior service is received each and every time.

We are committed to success and we immerse ourselves in projects to ensure that no stone is left unturned. Our forward-thinking team always tries to stay one step ahead and to predict what may be around the next corner to minimise disruptions and road bumps. We ensure we provide innovative solutions.

Our mantra is “happy staff equals happy clients” and create a culture of excellence within our organisation to benefit the Body Corporate.